4 Causes Or Symptoms of Breast Cancer

1. The age of a woman

Her risk of developing this cancer increases as a woman ages. That means the older she is, the more prone she is to developing breast cancer. About one in eight invasive breast cancers are found in women younger than 45 years of age. While, about two out of three invasive breast cancers are found in women aging 55 years or older.

2. Lifestyle and habits

If the woman has unhealthy lifestyles like being obese or overweight, drinking excessive alcohol on a consistent basis, smoking (whether chain smoker or regular, the same) or low intake of meat and diary products or even low vegetable and fibre consumption, then this particular female type has more chances to contract the cancer.

3. All in the hormones

There are three other factors than influence factors of developing this deadly cancer. The first being early menstruation age, that is the age before twelve as adolescents. Secondly, women who face menopause only after the age of fifty five (late menopause). Thirdly, simply not having children is a risk itself and contributes to being a factor. All three of these said factors are associated with the increased risk of breast cancer. They are related to prolonged exposure of breast tissues to ‘estrogen’, commonly known as the female hormone.

4. Inheritance predisposition

Sometimes the world is unfair. Just because your family shows some history of breast cancer itself is a risk. The rate of risks increases by two to ten times alone, depending on statistics.

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