Cure Step 1 – The Will To Heal

Breast Cancer Cure — The Will To Heal

I have been dealing with people with cancer since 1992. One striking factor I observed that determined whether a cancer sufferer had a chance to win the battle was whether he or she had the will to heal. Healing tools are important, a healing plan is important, but without the will to heal, the patient would stand a very high chance to be defeated by the disease.

Your Mind Determines Whether You Can Attain Breast Cancer Cure

With the right mind set, the eager will to survive, the body will prepare itself better for the battle. Medication or healing tools will become more effective. The patient can follow the healing plan more laboriously and the battle will become likely to be won.

So, my dear friend, in order to set up a positive mindset for healing, your active participation is necessary.  You have to train yourself to believe that your illness can be cured.  Get rid of those people around you who have been feeding you negative signals.  Well, yes, this may include your doctor/oncologist.

When you get up in the morning, look right into your own eyes in the bathroom mirror and tell yourself that today is a new day and your are getting better everyday.  When you do this frequent enough, your body will start responding to it.  You may call this placebo effect.  But if this placebo effect can help re-balance your hormonal secretion, creating more cancer-fighting enzymes, improving your immune system,  what on earth should prevent you to do that.

Talking to yourself in the mirror may not be the best way to change your mindset.  It is a slow process.  One of the he best solutions is to visit a clinical hypnotherapist and let him embed a positive healing message/suggestion in your mind.  This will certainly speed up the “PLACEBO EFFECT” of this mind healing part of the whole healing program.

Another powerful way to take care of this part of the healing program is to use some carefully designed subliminal messages.  What you need to do is just to play the subliminal CD containing the healing message continuously throughout the day.  This will result in a better and more long term effect comparing to using a clinical hypnotherapist.  It will also eliminate the high cost and time visiting a clinical hypnotherapist.

There are many subliminal CDs available on the market but not all of them are specialized in cancer healing message.  One reliable source that you can get the subliminal message you need is  They are using a technology that can target better to the one who is using the subliminal message.  You will quickly notice the difference after using the subliminal CD for just a short period of time.  This is a great investment for your health that you definitely should not ignore.

Mind you, the re-positioning of your mind set is the first thing you have to do but not the only thing.  But once you set your mind right, the rest of the healing program will happen much faster.

I hope you can understand the importance of this.  Now let’s go to the next step of this powerful healing program for your breast cancer.







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