Cure Step 4 – Follow Through

Many breast cancer sufferers develop an interesting mind-state. They all expect a miraculous recovery from a treatment suggestion other than the conventional ones. They seem to forget the body will take its own time to heal. It takes a long time for the body to develop a chronic illness such as cancer. It will also take a reasonable time for the body to recover.

However, many breast cancer patients will drop a suggested treatment method if they don’t see any results within days or weeks. This is not fair way to test the treatment method as there will not be enough time for the body to respond to it.

That is why doing a thorough study and analysis of the treatment method to be taken is critical. Once you decide the treatment is probably good for you, then you have to follow through and give a reasonable time for the body to turn around and heal.

As a rule of thumb, one course of treatment is normally four months. Because our red blood cells have a life span of 90-120 days. After four months on the healing program, one should see a more obvious change of the body condition. Some people may need two or three courses of treatment before the symptoms may disappear.

So FOLLOW THROUGH is very important.

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