One of the major factors that cause cancer is having too much toxins in our body. Toxin is a general term meaning substances that may cause adverse biological effects of body cells. These toxins can come from our oral consumption of food or medications or generated by the biological processes within the body. These toxins over the years will accumulate in our cells, our tissues, and our organs and will start affecting our normal body function sooner or later.

One example of toxins affecting cell functions is that the toxins may accumulate in the cell membranes and reduce the permeability of the cells. This means that nutrients and oxygen will not be able to enter the cells efficiently and metabolic wastes will not be able to exit the cells efficiently. This will cause the affected cells not to function as they are designed. This will certainly cause the affected organ to malfunction and in sometimes result in illnesses. The immune system can also be overloaded with toxins and will become unable to detect and correct any mutated cells which finally will cause cancers.

Although there are many factors contributing to the prevention and curing of cancer, getting rid of the toxins in the body system (detoxification) is certainly the first thing we have to do. A good healing program for cancer should include a good detoxification module that can help the patient to detoxify effectively. Once the toxin level of the body is getting lower, other healing measures will become more effective. That means the chance of beating the cancer will be higher.

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