Radiation Therapy For Breast Cancer – Falling Into the Deadly Trap

Radiation is the most common treatment for breast cancer while surgery is the second most popular. But various medical journals have been consistently reporting that radiation therapy is not working for breast cancer. While it is true that radiation therapy decrease death rates by around 13 percent it increases death by other causes, mostly heart diseases, by 22%. This can be termed as operation being successful but patient dead.

Radiation obliterates the breast cancer tumors in small percentage around 13 percent of women afflicted with this disease but cause much more of them to die from cardiovascular diseases. The radiation that kills cancer cells of the breast also goes and kills healthy cells of the heart. Though the proponents of this mode of treatment may say that modern machines do not cause much damage as older ones their statement has not been corroborated with long term study.

This means that there is no net benefit of using radiation therapy for cancer of the breast. In fact the chances of death are more with this type of treatment than without it. Despite such negative statics radiation remains the most used method of treatment for this disease. What is the reason? It is because conventional medicine has nothing much to offer to the patients to reduce the direct death rate even by 13 percent. If someone is starving to the bone he will gobble up even the dirty and putrefied rice if that is the only food available. Something is better than nothing for the moment. Infection and poisoning due the putrefied rice can be attended to at a later stage. Such is the attitude of medical professionals.

Treating women with radiation who later die of heart disease also causes a major shift in statistics. The cause of death is not shown as due to breast cancer but shown as due to heart diseases. This means that diagnosed cause of death is shifted from breast cancer to cardiovascular diseases. As more and more breast cancer patients are subjected radiation fewer will be said to die from cancer of the breast but more will be said to die from radiation induced heart disease. Curcumin Breast Cancer

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